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Our human-assisted AI platform lets you build tailor-made software (no techie skills needed). We'll help you run and scale it too.
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Unlimited scale, zero headaches

Last year, Builder Cloud customers saved over $4.5 million.
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Award-winning apps, ultrafast

Complete small business packages from £295 a month.

Select your tech

Tell us what you want to create. An app? Shopping platform? Wearable?

Pick your features

Choose from our library of over 500 features. Then we'll customise them to your idea.

Choose your timeline

Want an instant free prototype? MVP? Or the full build? And how fast do you need it?

See your idea come alive

Review your Build Card. It's your idea fleshed out - with a guaranteed price and timings.

A one stop platform

A single platform for the entire journey from the idea in your head to the idea in the real world

Build that idea

Turn any idea into tailor-made software, without writing any code or speaking to a developer or agency. Get guaranteed costs and decide your timeline, up front.

Keep it fresh

Software has the horrible habit of going out of date (like milk). Sleep peacefully at night knowing that we’ll be making sure you get upgrades before anything breaks.

Scale like a boss

Combine all the best cloud providers into one platform, without any of the risks of overspending. You get exactly the right capacity – at the best possible price.

Don't wait for your tech team

Combine the immediate, predictable benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) with the customisation of tailor-made software. It's easier, more efficient and less risky.

Aftercare for custom software

Your software is updated automatically so it never fails because of 3rd party changes. Updates, bug fixes and infrastructure monitoring are all taken care of.

Multicloud with a punch

Get DevOps automation with fine-grain analytics and commitment-free savings. It's more efficient than managing multiple vendors. And you only get one bill (for a lot less).
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Free prototypes, fast

See your idea come to life instantly with Builder Now before investing in full build. Create a clickable software prototype in less than 10 minutes – for free!
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Case studies

We work with every type of entrepreneur - the young and the old, the experienced and the new in town.
Builder Studio


The stigma around mental health stops people discussing it. But if they could share their feelings and see who else felt the same way…
Builder Studio

BBC Click Live

The BBC hold events in different countries. They wanted people to find nearby events, participate in live polls and ask questions...
Builder Studio


For VidCon 2019, NBCU wanted Gen Zers to know their voice matters. And give them a quick way to express their opinion...
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